Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Satorialist

For a few weeks i have been wondering what happened to Scott Schuman and his blog. I was starting to get worried why i'm not getting any new feeds. Then i found out he had a new home and rebuilt his site. It still has the same clean and very visual layout but with bigger ads. Here are a few photos that i have missed:

Lardee and Ickle update

Lardee and Ickle are the cutest most adorable thing in this world! I have already posted about them before and i have been waiting for updates! Now the latest is Lardee being sick. *sniff* You have got to check their site to see the grand story of the cute milky toof Lardee. Here are a few stills..

check it all here!

Ryohaei Hase

A good composition and a seamless rendering always catches my attention. A gory feel can sometimes add to my criteria of taste, not to mention the use of colors. Ryohaei Hase's artworks had all those mentioned above .  I will surely be on the look out for this Japanese illustrator.

Elena Khazina

Good misty morning everyone! It's been a while and what a lovely way to welcome me back to blog posting with some cool misty photos by  Elena Khazina


Paperlux is a design studio from Germany... beside the fact their project for luxury brands are very inspiring, they develop a very special printing technic called the Paperlux™ paper etching process. 

With this method, it is possible to translate logos, images, and fonts into crisp, three-dimensional etchings on the finest papers, without damaging the reverse side of the paper. The special concentration of light only removes the top layer of the selected material in varying and exactly calculated depths, and in doing so successfully creates a filigree relief formation of previously unknown precision.